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Crub's history

It is told that the first to stage a crib and depicting a Nativity was St. Francis of Assisi in Greccio in 1223 created the first Nativity scene, after having obtained authorization from Pope Honorius III. Francis had come back recently (in 1220) from Palestine and, impressed by the visit to Bethlehem, intended to evoke the Nativity scene in a place, Greccio, that was so similar to the Palestinian city.

Il presepe di Greccio, nella Basilica superiore di Assisi, Giotto (attribuzione)

The crib, which comes from the Latin word "praesepe" which means "manger", lived in the '700 its golden age. Released by the churches, he entered the homes of the aristocracy as an object of worship far more frivolous and mundane. King Charles III of Bourbon had a real passion for the crib, much to personally participate and involve the family and the entire court in the implementation and dressing of the shepherds. The construction techniques were refined over the years, until it reaches the form known to us and still used by the few artisans who are dedicated to the art of crib.

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